In 1959, the Austin Mini Inside bigger than the outside

No to small to be a four-seater: Up to today we wonder how it was in the original Mini – the Austin Seven and Morris Mini Minor, later mostly Rover Mini – with little desire to Cuddle up to fourth. Three meters of the genius of Sir Alec Issigonis was short but a lot of wheelbase, front-wheel drive and transverse engine machtens possible. This blueprint for the competition survived until 2000. Then BMW took it and blew it to standard size.

1965 – the Renault 16 Very large door

to the R16 there were sedans and station wagons, but the Latter suffered at that time under the Ruch of the work tiers for paint bucket and pig halves. The solution: Oblique rear, large door – what was there before, but only this French five-door established. Proud to 1.85 million units in 15 (!) Years built and rusted, almost without a trace: As a bread – and-Butter car with modern shape remained the R16 long, the oldie love failed, today, he is rar.

1972 Subaru Leone AWD chains without site

Before there was a winter tyre and snow, and after a tight spot for the competition: The small Subaru brand on delivery brisk for all-wheel drive form, as you could say Quattro (1980 to present). 1972 4×4 stuck for the first time not in an all-terrain mobile, but in a small PW for everyday life, Agglo and wages. For us, the Leone wagon 1600 4WD was 1979 all over the place. Also, because skiing star Bernhard Russi campaigned with his “UR 5000” (image).

1973 – BMW 2002 Turbo Turbo running Turbo drinks

Not a decade after the Near-Takeover by Mercedes (!) the Bayern crawling out of the Broke. Also thanks to the 3-Ancestor’s 02, the epitome of the sports sedan. Emperor among kings, was the 2002 Turbo, the well – established as a first inflated Teutone the Turbo and flopped: those Who like turbocharger boost all of the trees are not wrapped when you hit, drove in the first oil crisis, with 15 liters of thirst and Proll prestige (“Turbo” in mirror writing on the Spoiler).

1977 Matra-Simca Rancho high leg without high feelings

on this side the Range Rover since 1970 and his lordship over the estate of float left, there was a car in a Rustic area. Then the already dying brand Simca unveiled at the Geneva Salon, the Rancho: an adventurous, although all-wheel-free SUV, even before you knew of this shortcut. The customers were more likely to have bought, in 1979, he was like all the Simcas short-Talbot, 1983 wars. The few Survivors are today rare.

1981 – Honda Accord voice instead of travel Atlas

A good and biederer Honda Accord as a milestone? Yep! Be the first navigation system flopped (also, because a quarter of the car cost price) and was only available in Japan, but the death of the road map was ushered in. In this country the first Navi came in 1994 in the BMW 7 series, was called “Carin” and is calculated on a cosy two minutes of rudimentary routes. We were amazed that there is such a thing – and hieltens’s a Gimmick with no great future.

1987 – Fiat Croma, It has out nails

The 1985 launched the Croma was a co-production of the Alfa (164), Lancia (topic) and Saab (9000), neither particularly beautiful nor particularly good. But the Croma TD i. e. used from 1987 onwards by direct injection of the Diesel to the delight of the previously bright neighbors finally Nailing. The triumph of the self-igniter benefited also from the Turbodiesel (Mercedes 300 SD, 1977) and Fiat common-rail injection (Alfa Romeo 156 JTD, 1997).

1995 – Mercedes S-class coupe, whiplash, goodbye

The S in S-class comes from the “special class”, but it could stand for “safety”: The crumple zone (1959) celebrated in it’s Premiere, the first electronic ABS (1978), the big series-Airbag (1981) and the radar cruise control (1999). In the clunky S-class coupe from 1995, the clever anti-skid ESP came. A Luxury Feature. Then the A-class failed the “moose test” in 1997, got the ESP in series and forced the Compact-competition to follow suit.

1997 – Toyota Prius Double

saves better best if it was us, after a sympathetic Smile at a test in the first Prius: Lame, bumpy, ugly, and expensive – who is buying and why? All, the save and look to the future wanted! Toyota had the sense that Diesel pitfalls and power has a future. Today, hybrid drive of internal combustion engine and the electric motor of quasi-normality and the Prius looks compassionately smiling in the fourth Generation, to all mockers and imitators.

2012 Tesla Model S power bar goods,

, of all things, Ami joined the Premium Europeans in the, Pardon, electric butt: No, the Tesla Model S would all still together green E Tinker-Fig leaves. Right about the Nissan Leaf is that other current bankrupts earlier on a much broader Front. But Tesla had understood: revolutions need cloudy visions, from the top, and the first Power plus ranges with the calming mileage 500 make Stromer cool.