1 million for the vaccine it revealed the secret Zelensky

Chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine Viktor Lyashko gave the secret of President Vladimir Zelensky, who is willing to offer a million dollars to the developer of a vaccine against coronavirus infection COVID-19. About it reports the edition “Left coast”.

“I’ll let you in on a secret. The President asked me to write letters to our academics, and promised that if someone will invent a vaccine or a drug (from COVID-19 – approx. NSN), will receive, I do not know from what Fund, at least a million dollars”, – said Lyashko.

Ukraine is preparing to extend the quarantine until may, Earlier the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky had admitted that he was tired to struggle with the coronavirus.

He said this in his Instagram.

“I Think it’s because we are really tired. But not broken. Our struggle with the coronavirus continues”, — quotes Zelensky gazetasi.

According to the latest data, Ukraine was 2777 infections COVID-19, 83 people died, 89 of the patients recovered.