your career sounds like the dream of every musician. Vanessa may (27) sang with Hits like “I miss you” and “I die for you” in the shock mount Olympus. Only – the pressure to succeed was for the month of may is almost too big. In the “picture”Interview, she says: “There was a time this year, because it went really well. Although I had success, but I was still unhappy.” The were also not able to change sold-out concerts and two number-one albums. She continues: “I felt under a lot of pressure, I just wanted to make music. It just went further, faster, higher. This pressure to succeed has me worn down.”

self-doubt took over. May began to compare themselves with other singers, and I thought all were better than you. “I was dissatisfied with everything.” She felt empty and incredibly sad, how the musician says. Also the advice of false friends came. “I’ve been manipulated by false friends and advisors.” People gave her the feeling that she should be ashamed of themselves for their music. In March, Vanessa may, is said to be scheduled for Arena-Tourneee. Their Fans, they stated on Facebook that she was in a “crazy creative process”.

Vanessa may want to next year again to start

may, picking himself up, ended the collaboration with their advisors and took time off to travel. In the coming year, she wants to be back for her Fans there. A new Album, a TV-movie and a tour are on the program – however, in smaller halls. You feel again as at the beginning of her career: “My Manager and husband Andreas, and I have to decide everything yourself. And it feels good and right.” You will not regret that you listened to in the past, the people who meant well with her. (paf)