In the release, the video service told that the film for the first time spoke before the silent victims Sokolov – his former student and friend. In particular, Ekaterina Ivanova, which 10 years ago Sokolov was severely beaten. Then Catherine wrote a letter, but it hadn’t processed.

the Team who worked on the film, managed to collect the evidence and the facts of the past life is Sokolov. In addition, in the movie first began and the native Anastasia – mother, father and brother. For example, the excerpt from the words spoken in the film Ekaterina Ivanova

“he was absolutely nuts when he wore the uniform of a La Napoleonic General. If he chooses a man, he does not let him. It appears the victim, he slowly grabs it first and then eats. He tried to control: where you are, who you are, why you’re not at home. He didn’t want me to communicate with their friends because thought they were a bad influence on me.

During the relationship with him, I not only abandoned his friends and ruined relationships with my family, I practically gave up all his Hobbies”.

the Film “Invitation to the ball. The victims of the Russian Napoleon” was published in the framework of the documentary series “natural Born killers”. This non-fiction series tells about the most notorious Russian crime, which is still not all the circumstances are clear to the end.

“The world on the online platforms this genre called true crime. But I asked the filmmakers to focus on the voice of the victims themselves. Their truth, their pain, their honor – and much that did not care about those who persuaded these girls to be silent, to endure, not to wash dirty linen in public. This is a film about the banality of evil, the monstrous indifference to violence,” says producer and project Manager of the “Daily Premier” Nikolai kartoziya.

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was Already released a number of projects, which wrote “RG”: a documentary about decl “closed Windows” show “Haight-talk”, in which famous people answer the questions of the haters, a series of interviews, “I Want sea bass” and “Trip” – investigative journalism, dip. Recently, “Daily Premier” released a confession Gufa and Maxim Fadeev.