The sugar producers have reduced the costs of export

According to the document, the Russian producers joint allowed the export of white sugar or beet sugar. This allows you to export the surplus sugar from the domestic market with minimal logistics costs, said Vice-Premier of Victoria Abramchenko. And for the domestic market, this measure would promote the maintenance of fair prices for sugar.

Victoria Abramchenko also reminds us that the overproduction of sugar, which is observed in Russia not the first season, could cause the bankruptcy of several plants. That, in turn, implies a significant deterioration of competition in the domestic market and the emergence of a dominant in this market of economic entities.

“At the same time preserving the market the optimum level of inventory of white sugar and beet sugar, which will be determined by the Ministry of agriculture, through the internal competition will keep average annual domestic price at a level that ensures the competitiveness of related industries,” – said Abramchenko.

According to Deputy agriculture Minister Oksana LUT, now the volume of sugar exports is significantly higher than last year – Ministry records-increased supply, primarily due to the current pricing environment.