The chance to colonize Mars was appreciated in Russia

Humanity will take the first attempt the colonization of Mars relatively soon, but the fit of the red planet by people very distant future, said in an interview with RIA Novosti head of the laboratory of neutron and gamma-ray spectroscopy Department of nuclear planetology space research Institute of RAS Maxim Litvak.

"Probably the first attempt of colonization of Mars people will do relatively soon. But to adjust the Mars for yourself – it’s a very distant future. With the available technology it is impossible in principle, so we can only fantasize," he said.

However, the scientist believes that the time has come to leave humanity out of your "shell".

"it is important to understand how long we can live and grow outside of our "cradle" ability of humanity to adapt to all conditions, including the still unknown and how can we be mobile", – he said.

According to Litvak, train to live on other planets on the moon.

"the Crown of the Russian lunar program will be a permanent base on the surface. But at intermediate stages we need to work very well with automatic stations and robots to create all conditions for this," he explained.

The scientist also said that already discusses the different technologies for oxygen and hydrogen, the sintering building materials from lunar soil and test them on the moon’s surface and onboard automatic landing missions.

He added that of particular interest are the polar regions of the moon because of the potentially large quantities of water and resources.