the Number of press conferences on coronavirus with the government and the authorities seem endless, just like the one bail-out succeeds the next in a steady stream. The Danish democracy is a well oiled machine that solves the most important tasks first. In the meantime, the ‘Arne’ set in more or less voluntary quarantine along with the rest of us.

One must be careful not to let the urgent overshadow the important. It means in plain English, that one can be so busy chopping down trees, that you forget to sharpen the axe. But right now Denmark is in a situation where everything else must give way, for that you can get harvested covid-19.

The urgent fills right now all of the governments around the world.

But the opposition have time to think and even to sharpen the ax between an urgency debate and votes. It drowned a little in the flow of corona-news, as DFs chairman this week announced that the negotiations on the early retirement for worn – the so-called ‘Arne-reform’ – have to be delayed. Otherwise this is just DF, who most persistently have been calling for the government’s concrete response to Arne. But through the ‘krisebriller’ see the world differently.

Kristian Thulesen Dahl believes that it is not right now makes sense to make a new bankskat to finance the pension reform, at a time when it will ease banks ‘ terms, so they can lend more money out.

the minister of Employment is, of course, is not willing to push the government’s prestige project longer than necessary. For the government, the health crisis urgent, but early retirement is also important.

Early retirement is just a small picture of what awaits on the other side of the corona-crisis. One need only imagine the debate that is waiting on, for example, a klimahandlingsplan, where increased aviation charges-that a short time ago looked like an obvious solution, but right now looks like the final nail in an industry that is struggling for life.

Right now, many politicians, as if everything will be as it usually is after corona-the crisis. We hope they get right. It is important will still be important. But can probably be solved with exactly the same gear as you imagined before the crisis.

Right now, some political projects in the quarantine. After the crisis will certain tools be in quarantine.

Week example

this week you could see the members of the Parliament stand in a queue in order to be able to vote in the chamber, without too many people would be meeting at a time. They stood nicely, patiently, with appropriate distance between them.

It was great to see MF’s go in the front on the way.

There have previously been examples of the Danish Parliament have established rules that they themselves were the last to live. For example, the smoking ban.

the Week of confusion

the Authorities communicate extremely much in these week, in fact so much so that it can be difficult to follow and decipher today’s updated recommendations. Not least when the authorities do not agree with itself. This week it sounded from the Danish Health and medicines authority that kids like to have play dates, while the Statens Serum Institut said that you had to cancel play dates.

There was also doubt about whether the pregnant women were a risk group or not. Perhaps it is time that the authorities screws down a little for the amount of communication and up for the one-way system. It is easier to follow the rules, not changing from day to day and depends on who the sender is.

We would like to do, as you say, but I want you to make it easy for us, for we are honestly about to be sated by the information.

the Week’s viral

And so so right in our own glorious queen go viral as Jørgen Clevins natural successor. In the whole of Europe is now home to the citizens and smiles at the sight of queen Margrethe II of Denmark, who klippeklistrer some mildly amusing hats, as she is even afterwards donning and provides dramatic life.

We have heard the serious admonitions in the would talk about the sink and the account. In this phase on the road to økuller it is far more valuable to get a smile devoid of self-importance. We would like to thank majesty. It is a pity for all the other countries, that our majesty is more fun than theirs.

But we share, of course, like good food with everyone in the class.

the Online course.

the Sea Marie Serup

the Sea Marie Serup is B. T.’s political commentator and also as director of the communication agency BY SERUP. Sea Marie Serup is one of the sharpest political observers and have been quite close in power as the advisor to the prime minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen in his first reign.