Saudi theologians called on the faithful to pray at home during Ramadan

DOHA, 19 Jul – RIA Novosti. The Council of Supreme scholars in Saudi Arabia called the faithful to prayer at home during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, which depending on the position of the moon should begin on 23 or 24 April, handed over to the Saudi news Agency SPA the statement of the theologians.

“Precisely with the onset of this blessed month, at a time when the world is watching pandemic coronavirus, Muslims should set an example by their actions, while fully respecting the precautions which you require the competent authorities in their home countries or in the countries where they live. Islamic law provides for various forms of worship of Allah, without harm to himself or causing harm to others… a Muslim performs the obligatory prayers and Tarawih prayers at home, if so recommended to the authorities of its country or the country in which he lives”, – reads the statement.

According to the Saudi Ministry of health on Monday, the number of people infected with coronavirus per day again exceeded 1 thousand persons, and at any time since the outbreak of the disease was 9362. The number of deaths reached nearly 100 people, 1398 people have been cured.

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