Russian ham radio operator caught a signal from the first military satellite of Iran

Russian Amateur radio operator Dmitry Pashkov said that he was able to get a signal from the first military satellite of Iran, RIA Novosti reported.

He stressed that he was not simply a signal, and was able to a bit decode status information systems of the satellite. If you try, these data can be folded into specific parameters.

The biggest surprise for Pashkov was that the transmitting module of the Iranian satellite is the same as produced in Europe or China — the signal is at a frequency of 400 MHz with FSK modulation.

Also the man noticed that the signal from the device is unstable, and suggested that the satellite while rotating. After he will stop and will start to work for the transmission of data is involved, a higher speed communication channel with the Earth, said ham.

on the Morning of 22 April, the Agency Mehr announced that Iran launched its first military satellite. It was reported that the spacecraft Noor-1 went into orbit with a height of 425 km.

Previous start in Iran was held on 9 February, but the satellite failed to reach orbit. Then Iran said that they were prevented by U.S. sanctions, as due to them, no one gives the country the necessary information and technology.