Riots in the city thousands of people broke the isolation under the leadership of singer

About 4 thousand inhabitants of Vladikavkaz broke the isolation regime imposed in North Ossetia to combat coronavirus. People are motivated by the absurd theory that the alleged “disease threat” and authorities “are specifically dispersed them to their homes, they do not interfere with rule.” The organizer of the protest is the Opera singer Vadim Cheldiev.

According for April 20, in Vladikavkaz 32 people sick with mers. The mode isolation in North Ossetia does not differ from many other Russian regions, most businesses are closed, public assistance as elsewhere, when people will be allowed to return to normal life – is unknown, offenders are fined.

however, many, in spite of the reality, refuse to believe in the danger of coronavirus, and some even its existence. Cheldiev refers to the so-called “arondissements”, but the main object of his criticism have been the government of North Ossetia. It is their consistent opponent, and in this case, and he is alien to any compromise. Cheldiev on the eve of an unsanctioned rally in Vladikavkaz. And caught him on April 17, but not at home, and in St. Petersburg, where on the 18th escorted home. The man accused of distributing fake concerning the coronavirus and assaulting a police officer who accompanied him to North Ossetia.

a career as an Opera singer, honored artist of North Ossetia Cheldiev tied at the end of 2018. Instead, he engaged in charitable activities, including opened in Vladikavkaz “store” where needy handing out free clothes. But in October 2019 honored artist of the Republic organized a protest against the activities of “Electrozink”. Many residents of North Ossetia, accused the company in pollution, consider it a cause of cancer. Somewhat thanks to the meeting the factory was closed. But to idealize Cheldiev absolutely not: one of his ideas, for example, is that the elderly can not be saved from the coronavirus, and… drop them off a cliff.

the country is already the second meeting because of the isolation. The first was held in Digora 6 APR. The action was attended by about 100 people who were trying to find out from officials who will compensate for their losses. As a result, one of the protesters arrested and issued as offender’s self-imposed isolation.

In Vladikavkaz, the events developed rapidly. First, a few hundred people went to break through a police cordon the main square of the city, then people became more and in the end human wave demolished the security forces. The police for some time tried to persuade the people to disperse, but all exhortation was in vain, and the forces were clearly unequal.

While the police�� waiting for reinforcements, the protesters left the head of North Ossetia Vyacheslav Bitarov, who said that if he someone can prove the unreality of the coronavirus, he will immediately cancel the withdrawal. In response, the crowd demanded his resignation and referendum for direct election of the President. Bitarov invited people to create a negotiating group with the government and left the area, promising that all detainees will be released.

as soon as the head of the Republic left, as people began to surround the security forces. The soldiers of Regardie took in a dense ring of protesters against the isolation, and then mass arrests began. The situation in Vladikavkaz “MK” commented the head of Department of Caucasus of Institute of the CIS countries Vladimir Novikov: “First of all, it should be noted that the protest was the result of the objective socio-economic situation in the region. Secondly, there are people who are trying to play this story. In the future everything will depend on how well Bitarov will be able to use the art of political maneuver.”

the Source of the “MK” familiar with the situation, saying that Bitarov was in the most difficult situation. Cheldiev is considered a man which is manipulated by the enemies of the President within the region and the people in Moscow. The Bitarova is called a good Manager, which is not adapted to the political struggle. At the time, he accidentally became the head of North Ossetia, and in the current situation has been extremely vulnerable, says a source, “MK”. In his opinion, a similar situation is possible in other regions of Russia, too tempting the reason for the resignation is the failure of self-isolation.

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