Popular VPN services, and ad blockers on Android and iOS spying on users

the Company Sensor Tower, which monitors usage statistics and downloads of mobile apps accused of spying on millions of Android – and iOS-devices. As it turned out, marketers are secretly collecting data through apps for blocking ads and connect to VPN networks.

With the 2015 Sensor Tower owned at least 20 “spyware” programs, such as Adblock and Focus Luna VPN for iOS and Free and Unlimited VPN and Mobile Data for Android. During this time, they in total have been downloaded over 35 million times, according to BuzzFeed News.

After downloading the spyware to bypass the rules of the App Store and Google Play – required the installation of a root certificate, which gave the Agency the ability to analyze all Internet traffic. Users do not disclose that these applications belong Sensor Tower, and they collect data are subject to analytical tools.

Luna App

After the publication of the BuzzFeed News catalog Apple removed the Luna VPN, Google did the same with Mobile Data. The companies said that the investigation in relation to other programs Sensor Tower continues.

the Sensor Tower acknowledged that the application was collecting anonymous statistical data, but personal data is not transferred, but whether they were hiding supposedly for “reasons of competitiveness”. Many of the programs, said the Agency, is no longer functioning or are “in the process of disabling”.

Text: To.Hi-tech