the Goalkeeper of the club “General Dias” Gustavo Serdan scored a ridiculous own goal in the match of the 6th round of the championship of Paraguay against the “Guarani”.

After a flank pass to your teammate, the goalkeeper decided not to hurry with the removal of the ball and imagines himself a field player, for some reason, went to obygrysh opponent along the goal line.

In an attempt to close the ball housing Serdan entangled in their own feet, fell down and allowed the football projectile to roll into the net than to entertain these fans.

El portero de #GralDaz, Gustavo Serdn, protagonista fue clave en el gol rival debido a un error cometido ante la presin de Santiago Salcedo. Fijate.

— Tigo Sports (@TigoSportsPY) February 24, 2020

at the end of the first half the players of “General Diaz” was able to score a goal, however, most rivals are not enough and the meeting ended in a draw 1:1.