Not worse than men. Women can occupy senior positions in Indian army

the Indian Supreme court allowed women to hold the highest command posts in the army. We are talking about the rank of Colonel and above. The military arguments that the basis of the armed forces are men from small towns and they are not ready to submit to the “weaker sex”, recognized by the court as disturbing and discriminatory, writes RIA Novosti news Agency.

Recall that in 2019, the Indian leadership has allowed female officers to serve in such departments as communications, aviation, air defense, artillery, intelligence, logistics, and corps of engineers.

In may 2019 captain Bhavana Kanth became the first female fighter in the air forces of India. She successfully completed full course of the pilot multi-role combat aircraft MiG-21 and admitted to the combat operations in the daytime.

Even before it became known that modernized American submarines of the Virginia class will be adapted for women. For example, the ships will appear separate bathrooms. In addition, all the valves redone, to make them easier to tighten, and joysticks, displays and switches will fall below.