cheese, Butter, mustard: Freschta (23) from Turgi AG is in the savings and puts food in your basket. Then go to the drugstore, you need an ointment.

Actually, not you, but Ms. Bieri. Freschta buys for you, in order to protect the 78-Year-old from infection with the Coronavirus. Finally, Mrs Bieri belongs to the risk group.

On your favorite products, you do not need to renounce anyway, because the Turgemer jungwacht blauring has taken on the shopping spree for at-risk individuals. After shopping young off guard-head Freschta the bag with the food and the ointment and Mrs Bieri’s front door and waves to her from afar.

“It has everything great folded”

“I’m glad that someone cares about us,” says Bieri. “And if I need something, I’ll report back with Freschta. It has all worked out great.” Also Freschta is satisfied: “It’s nice when you can help!”

the Gamaraal Foundation, a Foundation for Holocaust Survivors in Switzerland, wants to Help. Just the and other older people in need of urgent help, says Anita Winter (57), founder and President of Gamaraal. Finally, they were all members of the high-risk group and had difficult moments because of their experience and often special needs.

demand is growing extremely

a Hotline Gamaraal to the needy now, students, Doctors and a specialized Professor with help and advice – 24 hours a day and in all parts of the country: “most people call because they need someone to listen, pick you up from loneliness and Isolation,” says Anita Winter. If desired, the students also help with shopping or other errands: “Currently, the demand is growing extremely. In the next few days, we will enlarge our Team in Switzerland on an ongoing basis. We are deeply impressed by the many volunteers who report to the employees, and immensely grateful for this solidarity.” You and the whole Team were pleased to be able to help. The gratitude you get for it, is heart-rending, says Anita Winter.

members of the climate strike FC Münsingen to offer their support. You have built a short-hand for a shopping service on two wheels: you bring the Goods by Lastenvelo directly in front of the front door. “We, from the climate to strike a usually require the solidarity of older people for the protection of our future”, to justify your offer. “All the more important that we show in these difficult times, the elderly and other at-risk groups our solidarity.”

The reactions are thoroughly positive. The regional nursing service, has already thanked the helpers for the discharge.

Not all patients at risk know the deal

would Also like to say Merci Resu Gashi (28) from Biel BE – and while the nursing staff: the owner of The Pizzeria Capri wants to deliver the nurses in the Bieler hospital now every Friday Pizzas – free of charge. “So I want to make you a joy in a difficult time,” says Gashi. All of this shows that the solidarity of The Swiss is huge. Alone on the newly established offer around 100’000 people in more than 700 groups your help!

Just all high-risk patients still do not know from the offer. “We have at the Moment, more and more people offer to help, as such, the looking for,” says Alessandro Iacono of help That’s why he recommends the helpers, to distribute in their respective Region of letters, to reach people who are used to networking through social media. The 22-year-old Flavien from Zurich, has taken this communication Problem to the heart – and in his neighborhood pieces of paper hung. Flavien is convinced: “We can cope with any crisis, if we are to carry each other, care and help where it goes.”

Here you will get help

you Need help with shopping? Do you need support with childcare? Or would you like to speak with someone? Offers you can find on the, on the App “Five-up” of the Swiss public utility company, or via 24-hour Hotline of the Gamaraal Foundation (044 931 37 35). In addition, there are a number of local offers of help – in your area!