Everyone has a different idea of what they’ll do once they accomplish their goals and attain their dreams, but sometimes, things can take an unexpected turn. You may sometimes reach the heights that you’ve dreamt of throughout your whole life, but you may not derive the satisfaction that you expected from it.

While this may sound tragic, it is simply an opportunity to change your perspective and perhaps approach things differently. Mason Soiza knows this feeling all too well, and he has made the most of it. Despite having succeeded at a young age, Mason Soiza decided that he wanted to do more, and so he became a philanthropist.

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at one of Mason Soiza’s ambitious new projects, which is planned to be a tech incubator for youths with the skills but not the means to make it. This nonprofit is yet to be named, but Mr. Soiza has already discussed many of the details, and it seems like the name is being saved for a big reveal.

Mason Soiza and His Plan

Before we take a closer look at this planned tech incubator, let’s discuss the man who is going to be managing it. Mason Soiza is an entrepreneur from England who is only 24 years old, but his age does not reflect his accomplishments. Known as one of the most successful and aggressive entrepreneurs of his generation, he has recently shifted his focus to charitable pursuits.

Mr. Soiza is no stranger to managing organizations such as these, and some of his previous pursuits include the Verdant Lake nonprofit and the Expanded Horizons Initiative. Both of these groups are centered around giving young people a better chance to succeed in the tech industry, particularly those who have the deck stacked against them.

Beyond managing his own nonprofit organizations, Mr. Soiza supports many other initiatives in the tech industry. Mason Soiza is also one of the loudest voices in the call for gender equality in the field of technology, which is largely dominated by white males.

His nonprofits are a way of fighting against discrimination based on skin color, and gender, but also wealth. Working in the field of technology is often confined to people who grew up with a certain degree of privilege, and Mr. Soiza would like that to change.

What is the Goal of this Tech Incubator?

While Mason Soiza’s new nonprofit will allow applications from all people, it will be focused on providing chances to people who don’t have them readily available. The nonprofit’s founder hopes that it can spur change in low-income areas and spark an interest in technology.

The field of tech is always looking for new workers, as the things we can accomplish in it change with every day. As we advance further, we’ll need more people to keep virtual infrastructure maintained, build websites, and more.

In practical terms, this tech incubator will provide mentorships and the tools required to improve the skill sets of applicants who wouldn’t be able to without some form of help. There is no plan to charge applicants for their admission to the program, as that would be contrary to its charitable goals.

The Next Step

Mason Soiza plans for this tech incubator to be a stepping stone for underprivileged youths looking to work in the industry, and to that end, it will work closely with his other nonprofits. For example, the Expanded Horizons Initiative is a program that is being implemented by Mason Soiza with the help of American businessman James Liland.

Expanded Horizons is a work placement program that aims to provide an easy way into the industry for applicants who have made it through the incubation program and are ready to work. This will give people a chance to get ahead when they otherwise would have never even had an opportunity.

As you can see from all of this, Mason Soiza is not mindlessly building up nonprofits, but instead putting a plan into action so that the tech industry and the underprivileged can benefit. In a restrictive job field like technology, this is a breath of fresh air, and we’re looking forward to seeing what else is in store.