Learned survive mankind the hit of an asteroid to the Earth

MOSCOW, 13 APR – RIA Novosti. The hit of an asteroid to the Earth will destroy mankind, if some people pre-move to Mars, but there they face danger in the form of gravitational perturbations from Jupiter, spoke in an interview with RIA Novosti head of the laboratory of neutron and gamma-ray spectroscopy Department of nuclear planetology space research Institute of RAS Maxim Litvak.

“From the point of view of a global catastrophe, an asteroid strike to the Earth, a part of the civilization could be saved, if it is to live on Mars,” he said.

“But in the case of gravitational perturbations, caused, for example, rearrangements of the orbits of planets like Jupiter as it is, I assume, was previously in the inner Solar system can be attracted by objects from the asteroid belt, which, as the shrapnel will cut everything in its path, and the probability of their entering not only the Earth but also Mars can be very large,” – said the scientist.

Besides, according to him, in the fading Sun of humanity, if by that time still exist, too, will not survive on Mars, because it will be gone almost the entire Solar system.