the Unprecedented large-scale study, said Alexei Khripun, has just begun. It will continue on, and he will be subjected to from 3 million to 6 million citizens. Currently, the analysis takes the Muscovites, taken by random sampling by age and sex. They are not sick with coronavirus and come to one of 30 clinics in the city at the invitation, which came via SMS.

the Second group, which is surveyed in the capital, patients of the Moscow hospitals which treated quite other diseases. The third group is the employees of city services – police, housing sector, and others. And the fourth group – people who are already ill COVID-19, and the test results which can be viewed as behaving received immunity to coronavirus.

“those Muscovites in the blood which is detected immunoglobulin M, indicating the initial stage of infection with the coronavirus, would be made still test PCR swab from the nasopharynx and throat, – said Alexei Khripun. – Not the fact that they get sick, but to watch them need.”

Muscovites will be able to see the test results in its electronic map. On the situation in the city as a whole the authorities will report every two weeks for immunoglobulin G and once a month for immunoglobulin M.

Availability assessment of population immunity of Muscovites to the coronavirus will help physicians capital wisely to prepare for the next wave of dangerous virus, and it is likely to be, said Alexei Khripun. At the present time have it is important to make the right management decisions to mitigate the restrictive measures of the alert, which was announced yesterday by the mayor Sergei Sobyanin.