Anang April came the UN Secretary-General to Libya, to bring personal peace. António Guterres wanted to negotiate with the internationally recognised President Fayez al-Sarraj and with representatives of General Khalifa Haftar-led counter-government.

The oil-rich North African state is in Chaos, since the insurgents of 2011, with the help of an international military Alliance, the Regime of the dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi overthrew.

But the UN had to cancel the peace conference, Guterres, the North African country to leave in a hurry! Because in the 4. April Khalifa Haftar began surprising his Libyan national army (NLA) in March. To chase away the command of Russia, Egypt and Saudi Arabia supported a strong man with a seat in the ostlibyschen city of Tobruk: liberate the capital Tripoli and the Rest of the country, President al-Sarraj and his “terrorist ties”.

While Libya is again on the brink of self-destruction, the UN security Council – once again – not a common Position. On several occasions, the veto has prevented Russia makes a Resolution calling Haftar an end to the fighting and to return to the negotiating table.

praise from Trump for the renegade General

Now, this has also Donald Trump on the side of the General. At the beginning of the crisis, the United States deducted its small military contingent from Libya. The President was on the phone with the renegade General, praised him for his fight against terrorism and the control of the oil Fields. The two had an intense discussion about the future of the desert state, it said in a statement from the White house.

This but not only failed the peace efforts of the United Nations. Also, the Libya policy of the European Union lies in ruins.

And: With the international Libya policy is now threatening the European refugee policy. Because, to ward off the stream of Refugees across the Mediterranean Brussels, had set up in the last few years, the government of al-Sarraj and a lot of money in the construction and the equipment of the Libyan coast guard put.

Italy’s right-wing populist Minister of the interior Matteo Salvini is not forced only the end of the rescue shipwreck victims. Also to rescue at sea by the vessels of war of the European Sophia-Mission is completed. The job, the crowded tube to the migrant boats to intercept, Europe has transferred the Libyan coast guards. But need to fight back now against the advancing troops of General Haftar. For the rescue of shipwrecked, you have no more time.

up to a Million, it is estimated the number of war refugees and African migrants, who want to translate from the Libyan coast to Europe. The coast guard has many of them locked up in internment camps. There is a square meter of space per Person at most, there is a lack of food, reports of torture and slave labour are piling up.

Even worse, the States are in private prisons operated by Libyan militias, and criminal gangs.

women and girls as slaves

sold In these places of horror is not only the rape of women and girls are Routine, many of them are also sold as slaves. Again and again it comes to executions. All Attempts, at least the most extreme crimes, have failed – which is also the fact that the offender cooperate with officers of the coast guard.

Strengthened by Trumps change of course, believes the self-appointed General Haftar is now on nothing and no one more consideration to take. His troops have already reached the suburbs of Tripoli. The capital’s airport remains closed. In the city centre, shells hit again and again. More than 200 people were killed. The world health organization (WHO), speaks of more than 1000 injured. A minimum of 20 000 inhabitants of the capital are on the run.

“the Silence of the international community’s frustrating,” commented President al-Sarraj, the trench warfare in the security Council of the UN in New York (USA). And he warns of the return of Islamist terrorist groups, which could make the political vacuum to exploit. From the East of Libya, the first attacks of the so-called Islamic state (IS) and Al-Qaeda-related organizations were reported.

For the case that the NLA chief Khalifa Haftar is not stopped, feared al-Sarraj, the collapse of the last remnants of state control. But then, threatens the President, “will make not only the refugees in the Libyan Camps but also the Libyans themselves on the way to Europe”.