The klimaatactiegroep Extinction patrick’s day celebration (XR) has still not been returned to her, social media is a deepfake video is published, in which the Belgian prime minister, Sophie Wilmès to a fictitious speech, to let that recognizes that in the current pandemic, are the same, the causes of the ecological crisis. XR, calls for greater democracy and public participation in the plan, the coronacrisis by burgerraden.

The deepfake video shows the keynote speech from Sophie Wilmès, thanks to artificial intelligence, as life-like as possible in appearance, as you will see and hear the prime minister’s words are exactly to is really a decision.

“over the past two decades, we find a dramatic increase of diseases such as ebola, Swine flu, SARS, and now the Covid-19. Scientific research has shown that these outbreaks are related to the distortion and exploitation of the natural environment, human well-being”, tells the fictional prime minister Wilmès in the movie.

now, to be Followed by a written message and that of XR, in which Extinction patrick’s day celebration of its intention, explains: “These are excerpts from a speech that prime minister Sophie Wilmès would be able to give you.”

The video consists of various clips of the “opportunity” speech by prime minister Wilmès. On several occasions places the XR, there is a message in which she and her views had not been set and that the message that they are the premier Wilmès to impose “goodness”. XR in the video, is that policy-makers, the situation is underestimated, like burgerraden was established to be that of the policy and the request that the exploitation of resources on the earth would have to stop.

“These people are fighting to get the money, even if we don’t fight them, so there will be food, and let XR be the fictional prime minister Wilmès have to say.