finally, John Gleaves, a dopingonderzoeker that Lance Armstrong was represented during his trial in 2015, will make use of a suspension of a four-year, owing to dopingmisbruik. That is, the U.s. anti-doping agency USADA to let them know. The 36-year-old Gleaves was caught at the U.s. track cycling championships on the 31st of August of the previous year.

finally, Gleaves served as an assistant professor at California State University, quite a lot of expertise in the field of sportdoping and kinesiology, and was prompted to do so by the Armstrong was turned on in the case of the united states government. But Gleaves was now against the dopinglamp, and tested positive on several of the metabolites of oxandrolone and clomiphene.

The USADA puts Gleaves, a suspension of four years, with retroactive effect to August 31, 2019. The results are a very pleasant place, are hereby repealed. The USADA announced that it Gleaves the penalty is accepted.

in The meantime, the 48-year-old Armstrong is well-known in the beginning of 2013, was on television with Oprah Winfrey that he was in a large-scale drugs had been used in his cycling career. He was, lives are suspended, and it had to be seven grand tour wins to return. The Us government demanded after compensation of $ 100 million. The government wanted to get the money that Armstrong got from his former team, US Postal, a tax-payer funded company. In april 2018 it became known that the ex-professional cyclist, in the case of the united states government afkocht with a settlement of $ 5 million. The agreement between the two parties was achieved only after a prolonged procedure.

Armstrong, on confession on Oprah Winfrey Photo: AP More on Lance Armstrong, Five-days-Lance Armstrong, cycling in Mallorca? That’s over $ 30,000! Johan Bruyneel is responding to the cynical statement made Pevenage: “Rudy, it’s all the fault of Lance and me, and to Johan Bruyneel is not a taboo subject out of the way: “I don’t have anywhere else to be silent. It was worse than life, it won’t be Johan Bruyneel about the doping at US Postal: “As for the question of a rider who came out, it was ” no ” do not reply”