reminds you a little of the Thriller heroine Lisbeth Salander from the “Millennium trilogy” by the Swedish author Larsson: Sarah Jamie Lewis (30), a privacy activist and researcher from Vancouver, Canada, Rose. In the name of security, the young woman is hacking in computer systems. On Twitter she describes herself as a “queer anarchist” and “vegan lesbian”.

Lewis has previously worked for the Internet giant Amazon and British news service. Today, the industry’s equally well-known as a recognized cryptographic researcher is interested in, among other things, for the protection of the privacy of members of sexual minorities and the safety of sex toys. So you had taxes been Unknown via Darknet her Vibrator to make to the Problem of security vulnerabilities in smart toys carefully.

you took free of the Post to target

Also youth – at least in the cantons, in which to Choose and Vote from the age of 18 is allowed – is another area of expertise of the canadian E-Voting. Together with two fellow researchers from Belgium and Australia, Lewis took in the past few weeks, the System of electronic voting in the Swiss Post, under the magnifying glass. On the occasion of the public hacker was led to test, the state operating on behalf of the Federal government. One month security specialists had the System for security flaws.

What were Lewis and her colleagues in the 270’000 lines of source code, is serious. In a first report, they showed that hackers could manipulate the votes cast, without that it would be undetectable. The Post had to admit that they knew about this security hole, actually a long time – the technology partners, a Spanish company, but, apparently, leave anything to chance. This week, Lewis and her Team then made another, according to their own details critical security flaw public. The Post informed, to clarify the facts of the case.

Damning criticism of the E-Voting System

While your colleagues confine their criticism of the Post-System reports in the Form of scientific research to explain addiction, Lewis the Public. On Twitter, the canadian share your insights and shoots sharply against the yellow giant.

the type and number of vulnerabilities were unacceptable, so your damning verdict. “This Code is not equivalent to simply the Standard that it should meet a critical public infrastructure,” writes Lewis. The Post does not comment points on demand to the specific criticism. You will inform at a later time for the completion of a public hacking tests.

privacy is your Mission

But why a canadian privacy interest specialist for Switzerland, and their electoral system? On demand of VIEW, Lewis says: “What happened in Switzerland, is also happening elsewhere. We rarely get the opportunity to catch a glimpse of in such systems.” It is important that you take the opportunity, “before more democracies are threatened by unsafe, non-public Software”.

privacy is for Lewis not only a research field, but also a Mission. “I believe that we all have a right to live free from censorship and Surveillance, and that the only way is to invest in security and privacy,” says Lewis.

For the Swiss E-Voting opponents is the unconventional crypto-expert, a gift from the heavens – or, better, of the Internet. Hernani Marques from the Chaos Computer Club Switzerland, with the canadian already in contact. He says: “the fact That the System takes on a volunteer basis under the magnifying glass, is a huge happiness for Switzerland.” Your analysis is crystal clear. Now the consequences have to be drawn.