It is an exceptional situation for all. “We need to limit our freedoms to the freedom of others will, and this freedom restriction is hard for us,” says Stefan Gosepath, Professor of social philosophy at the Free University of Berlin.

to Comply with the rules falls together easier

those Who hold to these rules, wish also that other people do this as well, explains Social psychologist Juliane Degner. According to the Professor of the University of Hamburg there are several reasons for this: “all of Us that we keep to these rules, the hard, and it is sometimes with a high cost of material or psychological in nature – connected. If we do not see, then, that other behavior like that and no visible disadvantage to know it will be hard to justify to ourselves why we keep us in mind.” This will create an unpleasant tension.

Just because it is often not easy to follow rules, the moral compass only a mechanism for that. In addition to government measures, there is also the social control, as Gosepath. “We humans are not so good human, that we always stick to the moral rules, even if we accept that there are the right rules. We always need support from others who remind us that we show here is just a fail.”

pomposity avoid social control but also entails the Positive

You can see a social control therefore also have a positive effect, says Gosepaths colleague Michael Reder from the Munich school of philosophy. Because, from a social philosophical point of view, the idea of community and solidarity to stand behind it. That people pay attention now to the behavior of your fellow man, not about. “I believe that it Denounce such forms of social control, to Denigrate – – always has been,” says Reder. “They are basically bigger, the more threatening a certain challenge, a crisis, a Situation is interpreted.”

The control may fail in the process, but also about the strands. “Especially in Germany, one thinks, of course, to the Nazi block warden, who somehow controlled the house – a super correct, who parades himself as a police officer,” says Gosepath.

The Deputy Federal Chairman of the police Union (GdP), Jörg Radek, speaks out against such behavior: “While we must also deny it is possible pomposity and, above all, a police state mentality. The bears explosive.” Radek proposes to clarify conflicts only once with each other. “In a polite to each other you can communicate there without calling the police.”

for Gosepath, the conversation should start at the beginning. So you could point people to an infringement, in order to correct your behavior by yourself again. “I think those who will not be admonished, that they keep to the rules, it will be embarrassing enough.” And it is only through a conversation, one can understand the perspective of the Other. “It could be a good Excuse.”

citizens should be in front of the house door

return address However, rule violations directly, is only one of the possible reactions. Psychologist Degner says that they occur, as well as a model, or to the authorities, i.e. police and public order office, could apply. And To see how others do not keep to the guidelines, could also lead to it. “Which way an individual chooses may depend on different personal factors.”

The Federal Chairman of the German police Union (DPolG), Rainer Wendt, in any case, instructions to the authorities to be helpful. “We think this is not for denunciation, but for the active participation of citizens at an important task of the present, which serves for the protection of human lives,” according to Wendt. Occasionally, it inserts, but also to the police, which could have been avoided, so Wendt. Examples of this are likely to be not only feuds Neighborhood, but also evidence of the alleged parties in Berlin and Rostock, which turned out to be music live streams. According to Wendt, the number of such operations is limited.

What is actually a violation is not possible to assess, in individual cases, even ever so slightly. And so there is no perfect dealing with alleged Rule violations. Because: “It’s a social Dilemma is, in the different social norms against each other,” says Degner. The Norm to stick to the rules, to adopt the standard, social responsibility, and the Norm of not interfering with others. Social philosopher Reder also recommends, what should apply is always to take care of the own errors.

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