the Club announced on Friday in a detailed explanation, rich. The lack of revenue in the case of a termination sum from the spectators – and TV fees and sponsorship. The damage, to compensate, has applied to the FSV in addition to the short-time work at his house Bank loan. In addition, the “with the spin-off related views on the generation of capital by investors spent” due to the effects of the Corona-Virus “first on ice”. “Personally, the Board of FSV Zwickau is assumed that at least until the regular end of the 2019/2020 season, i.e., until the 30.06.2020 no football game will take place under public participation in the GGZ-Arena”, – stated in the message. In the case of the continuation of the season with the spirit play Club 540 would miss 000 euros in revenues. There are, however, according to the Board letter also positive developments: “Fortunately, there are already Commitments from sponsors, your involvement in the new season to continue and to increase even.”