It is shortly before 1 a.m. on Saturday morning, when an Unknown at the Zurich Utoquai, a woman (18) and a man (21) with a stab weapon attacks. The offender violates the Two hard. Both need to be brought in with serious injuries to the hospital.

According to the testimonies of the alleged perpetrators fled to the adjacent district. The Zurich city police immediately initiated a manhunt for the man. A short time later, a patrol found the possible murder weapon near the crime scene. The Zurich cantonal police could take a Suspect in custody. It is a young man (21). The 21-Year-old was arrested in his apartment in the Canton of Zurich.

what exactly is the trick weapon, and the police are currently not available. “From the investigation tactical reasons”, such as Peter Sahli of the city police tells of Zurich at the request of a VIEW.

The exact circumstances of the attack are still unclear. The Prosecutor’s office I for serious violent crime and the Zurich cantonal police have started the investigations. (jmh)