In the past twelve years, the building Department of the Canton of Zurich, was headed by a SVP-man. Now that the newly elected, 32-year-old Green takes over this key Department, is a little Surprise. Neukom had recommended but already in the election campaign, with a “climate plan” for this Department.

“I want to bring the Canton of Zurich in the fields of climate protection and nature conservation,” he said shortly after the Department of distribution. With his professional Background as an engineer in the solar research, he could contribute as well.

The building Department includes not only the construction of buildings and roads, or the management of state-owned real estate. It is also building equipment, such as heaters, Parking spaces, waste, direct payments to farmers and the nature – and water protection controls.

The second released by the Department in the Zurich government – health – does the newly elected SVP-councillor Natalie Rickli. You had indicated during the election campaign already sympathetic to this Directorate. Now she is looking forward to the next four years, she said shortly after the distribution.

health is the greatest Good, for you to use. What she wants to tackle exactly that she said. “It would be irresponsible to say on the first day of work already, what I’m doing.” Important is of course that the Canton got health costs under control. For this, all stakeholders need to work together.

The Department of distribution went surprisingly fast, because all previous members of the government wanted to keep their Directorate and this had in the selection of the first. Ernst Stocker (SVP) remains the financial Director, Carmen Walker Späh (FDP), the Ministry of economic Affairs, Silvia Steiner (CVP) continues to manage the education Directorate, Mario Fehr (SP) remains the safety Director, and Jacqueline Fehr (SP) Director of Justice.