“Hov-Hov” is no ordinary bakery: bread and croissants there are to buy Muffins with Thunfischgemack or cookies with wild game meat. The Store with the unusual name and exotic range of products is Zurich’s first dog bakery.

It is a Slovenian retail chain, which starts now in this country. In Switzerland the Franchise Sofija and Emina Milenkovic. The mother-daughter Team is convinced that Zurich want to pamper your four-legged friend with Treats. “Many of my friends have a dog they adore,” says Sofija Milenkovic.

your cakes, cookies, or pretzels are the ideal gift for Bello and Fido, believes the young entrepreneur. In the next few weeks, the business are looking to open women to their Store at the Lochergut officially. The tidbits – including “organic dog kisses”, “Linz eyes of nature” or “dog” pretzel “XL” – sell in your own online shop.

Healthy food for the dog throat

The Milenkovics only sell food, healthy Dog. In the pies of meat and vegetables is plugged in, the lid decorate ingredients the women use coconut, Beetroot and other natural. “It’s all made with love”, said Sofija. As a production tube, the kitchen in the private apartment is currently used, later, the entrepreneurs want to hire inside of a Local.

The business women use recipes that you have received from “Hov-Hov” in Slovenia. From there, there is also a large part of their products. The Swiss have had to stand against other applicants, in order to obtain the rights to Zurich. “It had quite a few interested parties,” says Sofija Milenkovic. “Hov-Hov” (Slovenian for woof Woof), 2013 in Maribor, founded in, is previously expanded with business partners to Serbia and Italy.

The dream of the self

“In Switzerland, there is no such thing in this Form. We offer delicacies that are not found in a Qualipet or Fressnapf,” says Sofija Milenkovic. Your offer the Milenkovics are currently testing at the Central station, where they operate twice a week. “The offer is very well received and we are already getting orders.”

For business start-run mother-and-daughter your dog bakery still next to the bread acquisition in the leisure. The Zurich should be able to find Favor in your offer, would like to give up the mother, her work for the Store. “You would like to realize their desire for independence,” says Sofija Milenkovic.

This article was published in the “handelszeitung”. More exciting articles, see www.handelszeitung.ch.