The Federal Finance administration (FFA) has determined the compensatory payments to the cantons for the year 2020. The calculation takes into account the adopted by Parliament, adaptations, as she writes in a message from Tuesday.

The most usual of the Canton of Zurich, is charged with 516,9 million Swiss francs. The second and third train with 329,7 million, and Geneva, with 274.9 million follow.

Zurich will pay 29.8 million francs more than in the previous year. Also, the Canton of Schwyz has to contribute about $ 20 million and 220 million Swiss francs. Train contributes about the same amount. Geneva and Basel-city to pay less than 2019 – Geneva, around 24.9 million, Basel-city 16.8 million.

The largest slave Canton remains in Berne. He gets 1,101 billion Swiss francs, 85.8 million less than in 2019. St. Gallen with almost 440 million Swiss francs of CHF 28.3 million less. Aargau receives 59.8 million more, and comes on 460,6 million Swiss francs. The Canton of Valais receives 28.7 million more, and comes on 760 million Swiss francs.

The resource balance is the most important vessel of the financial compensation. He has the goal of equipping, resources, weak cantons with sufficient funds. 2020 to take the compensation payments to the resource-poor cantons to 1.7 percent.

In 10 cantons, the situation has improved, the resources index rose. In 16 cantons, the Index is dropped. The largest increases occurred in the cantons of Schwyz, Appenzell Innerrhoden and Zug. Most of the resources index fell in the cantons of neuchâtel, Obwalden and Basel-city.

The Parliament has recently adopted a Reform of financial compensation. The adjustments to be implemented from 2020. The Central Element is the guaranteed minimum equipment in the resource compensation in the amount of 86.5 percent of the Swiss Means. In the year 2020, the first year of the transition phase, the target value of 87.7%. This concerns the cantons of Jura and Valais, which come after the resource balance to this value.

With the Reform of the Federal saves from 2021/2022 around 280 million per year. This savings accrues in full to the cantons. In the year 2020, no Federal funds will be, however, because of the contribution of the Federal government in the Constitution is fixed stock the Maximum. This is associated with a burden of the Federal government.

in addition to the resources-balancing there are two load balancing vessels: to be Relieved of the cantons, which are charged by your Centre, or through your site, overly.

The contribution of the Federal government to balance the load in the year 2020, approximately 729 million Swiss francs, of the 364 million for the geographical-topographical and socio-demographic load balancing. From 2021, the means for the socio-demographic increases graphical load-balancing.

The calculations will now be submitted to the cantons for their opinion. (SDA)