The Zurich Insurance Group, the largest insurer in Switzerland, has overtaken the UBS Group for the first time in terms of market capitalisation. UBS puts it on the capital market only to a weight of 48 billion francs. The Zurich is scratching at the mark of 50 billion Swiss francs. Their share has been increasing for weeks. The titles have the transaction within a short period of time to about ten percent.

The shares of UBS lost, however, in the last week after a Paris criminal court found on Wednesday in a ruling that the largest Swiss credit institution had helped French clients illegal to conceal assets.

Switzerland is not a Bank in the country, more

The Premiere in terms of market capitalisation follows a Trend. At the latest since the financial crisis and the end of banking secrecy, banks have lost a portion of their economic importance in Switzerland, while the insurers are catching up steadily (VIEW reported).

at the same time, the Zurich Insurance Group is considered Dividend stocks, and is therefore popular with investors. In the current year, the shareholders will be proposed to 19 Swiss francs per share. This is a franc more than a year ago, and the equivalent of three-quarters of the profit.

19 francs as lower limit

The investor may, in Zurich in the future to generous payouts to look forward to. Chief financial officer George Quinn, left, at the presentation of the figures a few days ago that the 19 Swiss francs should be the new limit for future dividends.

Meanwhile, chief Mario Greco is the view already in the year 2019, in addition to the Work on the new strategy program. This, he said. The new objectives will present the Zurich in November on the occasion of the next Investors ‘ day. (ise, “trade newspaper”)

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