Full lips, blue eyes and pink hair: Elias Becker (19), the second oldest son of tennis legend Boris Becker (51) and his Ex-wife Barbara (52), is well on the way to conquering the international catwalks as a Model. “Whoever sees it once, will not forget him. He has noticed the best external advantages of his parents,” says the Zurich-Zineta Blank. It managed to do what many other model agencies moved in to take the young Becker in the world exclusively under contract. For Blank, it’s spectacular. “Elias is the latest Trend. His complexion is neither dark nor really bright, he has African and European roots, as well as blue eyes. In addition, he is quite male, but also still a child.”

Elias Becker brags not> with its well-known name of

His career, you observed, since it is quite small. “For me, it has become apparent to him early on that he will be a very special, beautiful man. However, it was not just his appearance. “Elias is also from the inside beautiful,” says Blank, and declared: “He is one of the best behaved young people I have ever met. Down-to-earth, very friendly, and he never brags about his name.” And yet he would be recognised everywhere. “I was recently having dinner with him in London, the Restaurant I had booked on my name. The waitress looked at him and said: “you were two months ago, with your father here.”” Elias Becker had nodded then friendly. In addition, he was credible. “Many today make the mistake that you commit Influencer for products that neither you and nor your Followers can buy or want. A Becker for a Rolex, advertises, we know that he could afford,” says the Boss of the Zurich model Agency Visage.

Just now he stood with Lenny Kravitz in front of the camera

Now she plans to Elias Becker – involved in the latest music video of rock star Lenny Kravitz (55) – at New York Fashion Week, which takes place at the beginning of September, to send for as many of the designers on the Catwalk. “I’m sure he will delight everyone, and this year, in the League of top models rise.”