cities are toxic: The environmental pollution caused by exhaust fumes, dust and garbage is here at its greatest. Cities are awesome: Nowhere is innovation more intense.

administration, economy, Housing, energy, mobility, society, and culture: In all areas of urban everyday life is looking for ways new technologies for the improvement of life. Because digitization can be more than customers, siphoning data, advertising funds collect or fellow citizens monitor, provided to the digital technique gives not only the Internet companies and the state.

“particularly in the case of climate protection,” says Dirk Helbing (54). “This requires efforts that overwhelm even the States.” Therefore, it is not without intense citizen Engagement, as the ETH-Zurich Professor: “Using the digitization can contribute to people quickly and easily.”

cities “Olympics” of climate-friendliness

Together with a dozen of cities all over the world, Helbing has launched the “Climate City Cup” to life. From Zürich to Bonn (D), Maribor (Slovenia) to Bangalore (India) will be held this summer, a city Olympics. Task force-Director, Stefan Klauser (36): “We are close to the climate movement and the youth, to go a step further – from Protest to action.” Do you mean: In the case of cities of Olympics, it comes to climate friendliness. The inhabitants consider their environmental footprint, evaluate their mobility, to collect data on the quality of their city’s air.

The participation via the platform Stefan Klauser: “With this competition, the people can take the book in two important areas in Hand and digitization, and climate protection.”

Meanwhile, cities, competitions are held around the globe in terms of environmental protection, while the Parole power of the “climate emergency” in the round. France has to call him in June already, officially. Professor Helbing hear this: “Where a state of emergency prevails, are not laws far.”

The ETH-scientists feared the prohibitions and restrictions of human rights. “This Eco-totalitarianism, we meet with a counter-offer. We want to involve people in the solution finding and solution implementation.”

digitisation as a means to more democracy and the protection of the environment? An idea, worthy of many Likes.

On Tuesday, the Digitaltag held for the third Time – with a total of 300 free activities: Talks, stage shows, and exhibitions – all within the theme of Lifelong Learning, life-long Learning. At 12.30 PM the Federal President Ueli Maurer (68) will open on the station square in Berne, the day officially. More events are in Zurich, St. Gallen, Geneva, Lugano, TI, Biel, and Chur. Exact times of all events and locations are to be found on the website of the digital tags at the following address: