In January 2019 Roman S.* (40) presses a little bit too strong on the accelerator: It flashes 6 km/h is too fast in urban areas. After deduction of the margin of safety is still 1 km/h too much. For this, there is a 40 franc buses, the flutters a month later, in January, into the house.

The Zurich to pay the fine without objection within ten days. But now – three months later – he gets suddenly a penal order of the city magistracy. And since fee of 90 Swiss francs to be beaten in addition to it. Reason: He should have not paid for the buses!

Why it was sent no reminder?

The money is deducted from his account. Only: Where is it? Roman S. is annoyed: “I find it incredible that it disparages honest citizens, to instead control yourself”, he resents. Somewhere the money had to be landed Yes, he says. “Why is first sent, no payment reminder or a reminder?”

A call to the competent authorities, brings light into the Dark: He had entered the reference number wrong. So the police could not allocate the payment and triggered a criminal command. But the bureaucracy-Monster makes more Trouble: the number Is entered incorrectly, it will be sent the money back. “I have received 40 Swiss francs, however, never,” says S.

apology from the city police

The Zurich files an objection and complains about the “emotional” strain, everything judgeship only because of this damned 1 km/h. “looks of the post civil servants, my time for the investigations, the departments involved, this letter, etc., which are in no relation to the buses of 40 francs, and the Offense to be 1 km/h too fast risks”, in the Letter to the City.

After a VIEW has contacted the city police of Zurich, the 40-Year-old a call and a “sorry for the trouble”. Because a letter from the police arrived, apparently, never at him. Therefore, the error in p. remained unnoticed, and then the order of punishment followed.

the speaker of The Zurich city police, Marco Cortesi, says: “It came to the Overlap with the payments.” In the meantime, the money had been accounted for internally. “I appreciate the gesture of the phone call,” says this now. “I think the process is still annoying, but for me, the thing is done,” says Roman.

And all because of 1 km/h! (you)

* the Name has been changed

Roman S.* paid for the buses, because he drove 1 km/h too fast. Nevertheless, a criminal command, flapped him into the house. Also you will get an absurd penalty order or a fine, without that you could really what? Send us your story via e-Mail to