The answer comes like a pistol shot. “Hannu Tihinen!”, Yanick Brecher (26) immediately calls for the question of which of his predecessors as FCZ-Captain for him is a role model. As the crusher creates the rise to the pros, is the legendary Finn still at the FCZ, with the he is the 2007 and 2009 champion. “It was extremely impressive how he took his experience and his personality, everything that the club has success,” remembers crusher.

Now the Keeper is since this season is yourself, Captain. Also, for him, surprisingly, as predecessor Kevin Rüegg (21) is still in the Team. The Youngster, the binding had proved to be rather nervous, moreover, Rüegg was injured for a long time.

crusher, another home-grown talent to train, this is already a team leader, and one who is in the cabin, out loud now: “I am very happy that I can represent in this way the club that I’ve been playing since the age of 13. This is a huge honor.”

sleep is only here and there a Problem

as Captain-a role model Tihinen not a dream crusher but time. The preliminary round runs resinous. However, two days before the YB game puts breakers on the sporty crisis in the Background: His wife brings her first child to the world. Now the little Luisa enchanted the young family. “Our life has completely changed. Now devoted every free Minute to the new member of the family,” says breaker, who says about the birth: “It was very different than I imagined it. It is an extreme experience to compare incredibly beautiful and impossible with a success in football.”

Appears to be the Captain now because of his Baby bliss sleep-deprived to the Training? “We switch around during the night, but I still get enough sleep. A power NAP in the afternoon helps!”

sleep will occur in the FCZ also on Sunday in Lugano. “We are clearly on the ascending Branch,” said crusher, “we have played better than at the beginning of the season. We don’t have it drawn so far, often just over 90 minutes. We want to change that now. I am convinced that the team has enough quality.”

so Far, brutal for the Ur-Zurich: the crusher in 18 of the 22 FCZ-goals in the box and the Goalie with the most goals in the League, because at the end of light tuna with Guillaume Faivre and Andreas Hirzel two Goalies multiple times were used. “This is not only frustrating for me, too, the frustration is with the whole team there,” says the FCZ-Captain. It lies in the lack of self-confidence? “No. In this tight League, the daily form decides often. Us has so far been lacking that certain Something. But I am sure that we can bring this Momentum back to our side!”