The Juchhof Area in the West of the city is occupied since Thursday afternoon of left-wing activists. In a Letter it says: “today We have occupied an empty Area to take us to a free room.”

The city of Zurich confirmed late in the evening the occupation. “We have learned in the course of the day,” says social Department spokeswoman Heike Isselhorst to VIEW. In a communication she wrote that the asylum organization Zurich, the occupation “until Further notice” won’t tolerate. They wanted to inform in the next days on how to proceed. As the situation on the ground looks like and how many squatters are on the site, could not Isselhorst say.

Accelerated asylum procedures, was there,

tested On the site on the outskirts of Zurich Altstetten was until recently a center for Asylum seekers in the test operation. The former guest worker settlement was used to test the accelerated asylum procedure, the Federal asylum centre.

The activists criticize this tighter asylum regime. You want to use according to its own figures, the site for open spaces. “This room will be available starting today for freedom and equality,” said in a statement. (pma)

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