With the change to summer time occurs at the airport Zurich, the new summer flight plan in force. From the 31. March 2019 for passengers and airport visitors innovations, such as the Zurich airport.

The changes in the Swiss Airlines

The airline will fly the new four times per week to Gdansk (Poland). Starting in may, a flight to Heringsdorf (D) is added weekly to the Baltic sea. Otherwise, there are no new Compounds in the Swiss.

In the case of the Edelweiss Air, two machines per week to fly to Tirana in Albania. Also Ohrid in Macedonia Edelweiss flies to up to two Times per week. In June, a compound according to Kalamata (Greece) is once per week.

In the case of Edelweiss, there is however also a Change: The Airline offers seasonal flights to Colombo in Sri Lanka until may, and then from the end of October 2019. In December, this route will be increased even to a flight. Then the Edelweiss will fly three times per week to Colombo.

foreign Airlines with new Connections

The foreign Airlines at the airport of Zurich, have spent all their money, and trump also with new Connections:

Germania offers may also be Connections to Tirana (Albania), and the same twice a week. Also new to the range is a flight to Calvi in Corsica (F). In the case of Eurowings sets you on the ball man: Five passengers a week, to the Spanish Palma de Mallorca to the famous party mile. the Air Canada offers passengers a new five times a week with a connection to Vancouver (Canada). the Aegean Airlines fly to a new nine to Athens (Greece).With Icelandair passengers will be able to jet off equal to eleven Times per week to Reykjavik (Iceland). the Air Serbia flying to the Serbian capital of Belgrade is equal to 19 Times a week. the British Airways fly to London 26 Times per week 5 flights more than in the old flight plan. the Cathay Pacific for the connection to Hong Kong (China) new to the Airbus A350-1000, and can therefore offer 59 more seats per flight. For visitors to the offer

The operation for the tours, and spectator terraces is also adapted to the summer time, as it says in the message. changes The spectator terraces B and E are re-opened every day from 9 to 19 o’clock. Public tours are back in the offer. They are held each Wednesday afternoon as well as Saturday and Sunday. (nwa)