In the two and a half years was Alexander Zorniger the king of Brøndby IF.

But after the long-awaited championship failed a may evening in Horsens at the end of an otherwise awesome the 2018 season, cracked his kingdom so small.

It led to the firing a year ago, then the German coach, except for a few hyggevisitter at Brøndby Stadium – have remained outside the media spotlight.

But in a great interview with Transfermarkt closes Alexander Zorniger up for his thoughts on the hectic time in the often tumultuous Brøndby IF. Here he tells what he has done with the time since his firing, and then he reveals a quite attention-grabbing offer, he got of the oval.

“I was asked, personally, I would take upon me the task, after it became clear that sports director Troels Bech would hold up. I refused. I think my greatest strength is to be together with the players and communicate a style of play,” says Zorniger and elaborates:

“I will not completely exclude it in the future, but currently leaning more towards the trænergerningen.”

The 52-year-old German was known as a tough coach with significant German virtues, which caused a stir when he in June 2016, landed in the top League, where, shut up, pace and direction are not commonplace.

Also internally in denmark there were people – players and staff members – who settled on the Zorniger, as the then sports director Troels Bech was with the to designate. Troels Bech stopped in Brøndby in september 2018.

for Example, Simon Tibbling, in 2017 ended up in a confrontation with the Zorniger, which was flapping to him after a battle in which the swede did not care about.

He called Zorniger for the ‘special’ in B. T. This will be the German coach asked for in the new interview.

“There, I must say, that he, too, is a very special type,” comes the answer with a laugh from the Zorniger:

“I think I’m pretty easy to deal with. I lose very little time to tell the truth. If I think something isn’t going well, I’ll say it. I do this also, if something goes well (…) I use myself much, I expect, also, that the players do. I have proven that I can help the young as well as older players.”

Zorniger admits, however, that he, despite his principfasthed have learned some things in the meeting with the Danish fodboldkultur.

“I believe that I have changed my behavior a bit. Before, I was very much in my own emotions, violence, and intuitive, compared to how I gave the players my opinion on certain situations. I do not anymore,” says Zorniger, who says that he has enjoyed taking a year off with his family, which resides in Arnhem.

In the period he has refused to a number of job offers, he says – among others from Switzerland, Austria, Scotland and The Championship in England.

Now the former Brondby coach, however, prepared to accept a project that suits his style and philosophy, at a club where he can get space to conduct its fodboldideer out in life.