given the occasion to work at the moment, many Workers from home. The contact to the colleagues remains important, however, to discuss new projects or progress. But what is the video conference program is designed to be the communication the easiest way? MONEY has taken three popular free solutions under the magnifying glass:

Zoom: number One

Zoom is undoubtedly one of the most popular video chat programs – and for good reason. The service is easy to set up, is stable and, in addition, offers Extras such as screen sharing, Whiteboard and video recording. Special Gimmick: As a Background to a personal picture or a Video can be set.

Generally speaking, the picture and sound quality are at a very high level. 40 minutes-conferences are free of charge, the restriction applies only for conferences with more than two participants. But there’s no one in the meeting limit per day, you can connect directly.

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Teams: The Pro solution

Teams will sooner or later replace the classic “Skype for Business”, to act as the Central communication software for Office 365 customers. There is also a Free version of the program that allows video conferencing for up to 250 people, however, there is. It is possible, in the program different chat create spaces where these conversations can stop. Good: The screen content can be share, it is also possible to exchange files, and to hide the Background. Not so good: picture and sound quality to fluctuate for several people, when you first Try it came to errors and crashes. The bottom line is that you expect from a Software giant like Microsoft just more.

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Skype: The classic

And what about Skype, which is an integral part of Windows? In principle not a bad idea, the operation is simple and files up to 300 megabytes can also be replaced easily. Up to 50 users should be enough also for most of the cases.

However, in use, the easing at the latest when four people Audio and video quality noticeably. It comes sometimes even to image errors and Skips. And the more colleagues in to Skype involved, the more confusing it gets. in General, Skype has its Strengths in the first line of communication under four eyes, for large Teams, the service is less.

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From these free video conferencing Tools has made us Zoom like best – the only blemish is the 40-minutes-restriction. If you enough time, you get a better quality than Teams or Skype.

This article was written by Nils Matthiesen

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