once Again Zombies, the walking dead to come to the cinema with the new Film by Jim Jarmusch, “The Dead Don’t die” (The dead) to die. Long ago the Zombie is part of the reason was the Horror and fantasy world. It is often forgotten that zombie movies are more than a horror show with the bloody shock effects, more than entertainment with makabrem Humor. The Zombie is also a mirror of society.

Zombies are up to date

In the classic “Dawn of the Dead” (1978) by George A. Romero escapes, for example, a group of Survivors in a Department store, where she feels after the outbreak of an epidemic before the undead for sure. Soon you must learn that the Zombies are attracted in droves from buying a house, break open the doors and hungry by the shops shuffle. One of the heroes of the film explains it this way: “do you remember where you were Living at the loved one.”

The scene summarizes the criticism of a meaningless consumer society, as it is in many zombie strips to be found. Therefore, the Zombie is more relevant today than ever. Globalized, without boundaries of markets and corporations, driving the total recovery of life. Man reduces himself to his role as a human capital and a Consumer. I bar and consume, therefore I am. Performance means: make: make money, career. Consume in leisure a Nice treat means: to spend money. We are the new, by economized society of the Smartphone Zombies (“Smombies”).

Romantic vampires

Interesting is the comparison with classic Scary figures such as the vampire. Dracula and his many successors have a darkened soul that can be saved: with a crucifix, Holy water or a stake through the heart. Vampires are beings against the Background of Christian salvation ideas. Since the Zombie is much more modern: a soulless eating machine, which can only be used with a shot to the brain is stopped. Something like that fits much better in our era than the romantic Dracula. Finally, the Zombie don’t have to have castles, and castles. Residential blocks and Shopping meet Malls.

Giuseppe Gracia (51) is a writer and media relations officer of the diocese of Chur. He is married and the father of two children. In his VIEW column, which appears every second Monday, expressed he is personal views.