It is located in the heart of Kloten on a roundabout. A five-Meter-high, three-tonne Puck. Made from 7700 real Pucks. Families, children and Fans contributed to the 80-year anniversary of the EHC in Kloten in the year 2014 to be between 8 and 80 Swiss francs. The question of structural analysis, the officials took care of it. Your only Problem is the club logo represents.

According to the Zurich building Department, it was commercial advertising. The EHC operating in Kloten as the AG constituted, and thus a profit. This AG has has never made a profit, doesn’t matter.

A provisional consent, the project was only thanks to SVP cantonal councillor Markus Kägi. This extended the period of time in the fall of 2017 a further two years. The new green building Director Martin Neukom’t remember, Kloten to grant a further licence.

“stubbornness of the chief officers”

by the end of September, the over-sized Puck would have to disappear. The city of Kloten ignored the deadline. Now the building Department threatens the Puck to himself and to the city the costs in the invoice.

“It is sad that we riders because of the clause, and the stubbornness of the chief officials are not able to keep a landmark,” says Kloten city President René Huber, but it makes it clear: “We don’t give in!”

Kloten is playing for time, waits for a response from the Executive Council, and will now cover the club logo in the next few days. “We thought we could just put a cloth over the Puck. But it’s not so simple. It needs a crane. We will have to block the road.”

Others may

Absurd: In the immediate vicinity of the giant Pucks of a tail fin with the Swiss confiscated since 2011, another centrifugal. The airline has financed the project in full. In addition, the Verkehrsbetriebe Glattal decorate soon a further roundabout. With a perpetual licence.

“you abschmettert an emotional concern that costs nothing and no risk, simply so I can not understand. We feel from the Canton of left out in the cold”, shows Stapi Huber disappointed.