the judge elections are not usually the stuff of thrillers. Otherwise the candidature of the 41-year-old CVP-wife, Julia Hänni, who turns on Wednesday to the Parliament for election to the Federal court. Behind the Scenes there are bitter arguments around the business.

it All began with a preliminary decision of the judicial Commission of the Parliament: In may, the nonpartisan body, Hänni was – she is an assistant Professor at the University of Lucerne to recommend because of their convincing qualification. The Look of the SVP candidate Thomas Müller (54) had.

That has alarmed the SVP strategists: It is a replacement for a SVP-man!

Sweet dream for the Doyen of Herrliberg

But the matter is complicated: Due to an internal change in a Post in the Second public-law division is free. This chamber drops controversial judgments: immigration law, Bilateral, EU.

Two of the six members in this Department are in the SVP. Would be elected on Wednesday, Müller, found the party in half. To third because there and talked to the fifth law is, would be scenarios with SVP-judges in the majority all the more difficult. A horror for the centre-left. A sweet dream for the Doyen of Herrliberg.

So the SVP switches to a higher gear. On the Morning of the 6. June at 7 p.m. the members of the court Commission be amazed: At the table, party President Albert Rösti (51) and group chief Thomas Aeschi (40) seats. You are harping on the party’s relationship, and a double recommendation want. Some Present resent the uninvited alpha animals. In fact, the SVP judges in Lausanne in terms of voters ‘ strength under-represented – up in the autumn four more seats in Lausanne are filled.

The mood had been poisonous

hash Browns and Aeschi replace this Morning, two SVP-colleagues, which will make room for you. What is indeed regular, but highly unusual. By a casting vote, the Commission will nominate in the afternoon of the same day, but still only Hänni. With the note in the French media message on your “extremely brilliant” academic career.

The hostility of the SVP to Julia Hänni felt this last Tuesday. In the afternoon she is in the group, after a week previously consulting with the SVP-man Miller. Are scheduled for 15 minutes.

Finally, the Christian is grilled Democrat for more than an hour of the approximately seventy members of Parliament””. “Toxic” was the mood. It had hailed questions to policy and ongoing procedure to answer the judge candidate is not entitled.

“, The SVP has priority”

Thomas Aeschi says to Sunday view: “in Particular, the lawyers in our group have prepared meticulously for the visit of Mrs. Hänni and detailed, factual questions.”

the media will be on: “The SVP is a priority,” headlines the “NZZ” on Friday. The aspect of the business distribution, the sheet provides only the next day, on Input from the Federal Parliament.

The race is open to: CVP and Left support Hänni, SVP, FDP and BDP Müller. Aeschi is already with the retort: “We have always chosen the left and the green judges. Is denied us from the illegitimate reasons, the seat, jeopardize these parties so that the continued existence of the Party of proportional representation, the judge of elections.”

The dispute is reminiscent of the intrigues in the appointment of the U.S. Supreme Court. In the “NZZ” spoke Aeschi of the “Trump-ization” of the judiciary. He meant, of course, only his opponents.