Zlatko (43) and Jürgen (55) were in the first season of “Big Brother” in 2000, inseparable. Together, they published the Song “Big brother”. Long the friendship was not.

Previously, Zlatko was for the separation covered. However, Youtuber and roommate Chris (32) want to know more about and stuck to. Zlatko admits: “it Was all fake.” They had only done a couple of Shows, and the wars.

“He was able to play well,”

The friendship between the two in the Container, but this was real. He adds: “I thought it would be in normal life. But since it was not normal. If you stay as you have in the Container, but the other is not. He could play well. Even today, he still has his two cents to me.”

Zlatkos Problem was a promise that had given the two: No one talks to the press about the other. Zlatko has held up so far, Jürgen Milski can’t make that claim.

This comment is now to Zlatkos accusations, and in the web show, the Ex-Container-residents Aaron Troschke (30): “Zlatko, if you have a Problem with me, then we should do away with the out of the world. If I have made a mistake, then let’s meet up sometime. I think That what we have experienced nearly 20 years ago, was ground-breaking for the both of us. Let’s just have a chat and a beer.” As Zlatko will respond to this message, we learn only after “celebrity Big Brother”.

Joey bends for smooth legs

“A man must be a metrosexual” – so the statement of Zlatko is at least. His protege Joey Heindle (26) takes to heart. The trained Car mechanic explains that he epiliere otherwise his legs. What to see in the next two weeks in the Container nachwachse, shave it.

Shave Joey wants to now, and he makes the contortionist Nina Burri (41) competition. In the garden of the singer bends, so that not a hair remains. Be a role model must come to him in the meantime to help. While Joey hopes that his now smooth legs to his friend, the Swiss ice Princess Ramona Elsener (27),.

love geturtel despite the fish smell

Also on the third day, the residents were allowed to return against the “Big brother” to compete, however, only two of them. Requested a woman and a man. Who would be better suited as the lovebirds Janine (32) and Tobi (26)?

The two have to guess at the game of “shower of the senses”, what trickles from the shower head. Five seconds, you have time, seven out of ten showers, you need to correctly guess. You managed to not have this. Coffee and wine “erschmeckten” you are correct, the pineapple juice was Sauerkraut with them but to.

Little down in the dumps and smelly, they came back to camp, but were cheered again. The residents in the luxury field have made it possible for the couple to draw them. Main responsible was psychic Lilo of gravel weather (65). She was talking to Joey, a TV Detective Jürgen Trovato (57) and Zlatko-until the three fell. Respect the age, as it is called Zlatko. You want to give the two a little time together. Joey has broken something in the last days, probably a lot of Lilo, because he dares to make a prediction for the two lovebirds: “The net here, hut.”

Whether Joey’s assertion is true, it is no longer Zlatko know, because he was elected by the audience to the tent camp. (bsn)