you stand in the last year on the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest and singing for over ten years in the Band of Gölä (51). Now she has a new life role: Corinne “Co” Gfeller (34) from the Brothers Zibbz is on 19. May the mother of Bowie, Leon has become.

Since then, she has a new view on life: “in the past, I had no Party, now I appreciate the quieter life.” The After Hour starts right after the Wake up at six o’clock in the morning, is celebrated with Bo in bed, as the musician calls her bundle of joy: “During the Quiet of the night, I nod off often, so he usually sleeps with us.”

Needs a lot of close

father of the little Bo is the Golf coach Yves Nicollier (36). With him, the singer is in a relationship for 13 years and now married. They were all similar: “Bo needs a lot of closeness, but also shows what he wants,” said the mother. His Voice was much louder than hers. “Can confirm our neighbors,” says Gfeller, laughing.

From Los Angeles to Säuliamt

For the family happiness is drawn to the Couple in the spring in Los Angeles (USA) to Zurich Säuliamt. “Family and friends are here, especially my mom supports me in everything. Sometimes I wonder how she has the three children managed.”

Baby on the stage

The maternity leave, the singer has already finished. On the Pilatus, the first Zibbz-live gig was recently, since birth, of course, Bo was there. “In the first two songs, he looked – of course with hearing protection excited. But then he started to nag.” Can soothe him her brother and band partner Stee (31) ideally, the godfather has him kept alone. “With his beat Boxing he wins each Laugh of the Small.”

Whether or not the small Bowie is to be as famous as his namesake David Bowie (1947-2016)? “We like what he stands for as an artist: He moved his thing without being deterred,” says Gfeller. “So our son is to go through life.”