a year Ago, trained Zibbz-singer Corinne “Co” Gfeller (33) daily, to have for her appearance at the Eurovision Song Contest a flat stomach. Now the situation is different: she is in the ninth month of pregnancy, her belly round. “And it feels just right,” she says.

On the 24. May is the date of birth of the son, “but every Moment could be so far.” So tomorrow, Sunday, when she visited with her husband Yves Nicollier (37), the Prix-Walo-awards ceremony in Zurich, where she is nominated as a crowd favorite.

in March, the Sensitivity with her husband in Los Angeles (United States) is pulled back to Switzerland. Her music career has followed the rock tube during your pregnancy and new songs.

Shoes is far more possible

The pregnancy has mastered Gfeller so far, easily. “Now I don’t have to put me because of my ball belly, sideways to the table, otherwise, I come to the plate,” she says. To tie “shoes, is also difficult. That’s why I wear primarily flip-flops.”

Before the birth she has great respect: “You hear so many stories. I just let it come to me and put me out of my feeling.” Means: The Soon-to-be mother wants to as natural birth as possible, “but if there is no other way, I’ll resort to medical help”.

Luca Hänni should allow for Zibbz avenge

If it is the birth of your Child, will follow the singing talent and the Eurovision Song Contest next week. “It’s crazy, it feels as if our participation would have been only just,” she says. For your successor to Luca Hänni (24), it is of good things: “He is with the Fans. Luca needs to go to the finals. Alone, as a revenge for our last year’s semi-final.”