about a year Ago and started for Corinne “Co” Gfeller (33) the adventure of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). Now your focus is on the family: The singer is expecting in may, a boy. “I can hardly wait,” says Co compared to Sunday.

brother Stee is hot Götti

Like the Boy, she did not know. “It is not so difficult. We have favorites, but will decide definitely, if we keep the Small in the arms,” says the blonde. It is clear that brother Stee (31), the other half of the Zibbz, the godfather of the child. “It is wonderful to see this new creature in her belly to grow,” he says. And quips: “If he is in the world, I go with him to the Gö-Ki-gymnastics.”

it is Already for Co for sure that your offspring will have his Götti a lot of Fun. “As the Stee me for Breakfast of cinnamon-sugar cereal had made, was going on in my stomach have a Party. As I felt the first kicks of the baby.”

This Couple of leeches into the Säuliamt

With the young, the Sensitivity to mid-March, their center of life in Los Angeles (USA) moves to Switzerland. “We have found a sweet apartment in the Zurich Säuliamt,” says the singer. “In a homely house with other families. Perfect as a next step.” Eight years Co in California, has lived. Most recently with her husband Yves Nicollier (37), her brother and his partner, actress Sabrina core (30), in a WG. To draw again sometime in the USA, don’t want to, you must, however, be mutually exclusive.

in Spite of pregnancy, Co continues to be active. “I do Yoga, go on a hike, and take dance lessons,” she explains. Thirty Shows, she still played up before Christmas. “But I also notice: to tie shoes, is not quite so easy.”

Zibbz make more

Fans need not, however, wait on new music: “We have so many Songs that we will publish every two months a new” last updated “City Lights” with crazy video clips. “The first challenge was to find a car wash that was allowed to go through our performers. And then we had to find the mad protagonists for the rotation.”

with the young, there will be Zibbz. Already in August, around two and a half months after the birth of the child, the next concerts for the Brothers. And also the ESC from the 14. to 18. May will continue to follow Co: “A week later, my date of birth is. That’s why I’m going to watch the Show from your couch.” She jokes: “Then with the ball-round belly and plenty of ice Cream!”