For several years Sergey Zhigunov accompanied by financial failures.

Taken in 2014 in Natsbanke on all the loan to pay, he could not, – says “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Last year bailiffs arrested the debtor’s real estate – a Studio apartment in Moscow.

Indoor went a result of public auction, however, Zhigunov not satisfied with the amount for which it was sold – presumably at a quarter below its present price.

Since the money from the sale of apartments is not enough to pay off debts, the producer tried to challenge the transaction.

Was refused and then appealed. The case has not yet been considered, but, in any case, over Zhigunov dominates a significant debt.

As writes “KP”, Bank it needs nearly 12.5 million rubles. Plus 2.7 million – the bailiffs.

With such debts it is very likely that the actor will have to declare bankruptcy.

By the way, his new girlfriend, Victoria Vorozhbit (one that is very similar to Anastasia Zavorotnyuk), according to media reports, looking for the bailiffs.

However, in this case much smaller amounts of non-payment of fines and taxes.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, Sergei Zhigunov Vera Novikova and still not officially divorced, but the division of property, it seems, were already engaged.

Zhigunov recently sued Novikova share in one of the apartments available to families. Ostankino court of Moscow ruled in his favor.