for Over 20 years, Thorsten K.* (59) led the Four-star National Hotel, Zermatt, VS with charm and enthusiasm. He took care to guests and employees, was prepared and competent. However, the Director had a dark secret: About eight years, he used to put payments from the guests in the own pocket.

last Tuesday, Thorsten K. therefore, the district court of Visp. The Charge Is Embezzlement! This jail is threatening him now.

“discover the Impossible,”

The current managing Director of the Nationals, Sebastian Metry (36) says: “During the 90s, he provided to Pay super, built up a loyal clientele.” In 2004, however, the device of the Director on the wrong track.

He opened an account at the Post Finance, to the address of the hotel. From there, he can be a part of the guests account on this mail account. Neither owners nor employees know of the new Bank connection. “It was impossible to discover. Finally, the account was listed nowhere,” says Metry.

With the money of the already well-paid Director lives in the lap of luxury. He loves it, and regularly travel. On a monthly basis Thorsten K. is supposed to have good output 11’000 Swiss francs. He fleeced the Hotel money not out of Need, but with the specific intention of holding the court, according to the “Walliser Bote” on Tuesday.

crook flees to Germany

Until 2012, wreaking havoc in the luxury scammers. Then he will be dismissed even before the owners know anything of his Offense. “The Board of Directors introduced him by immediately, because the budget targets were not achieved,” says Metry.

The Director is in a tailspin, and makes documents disappear, and grants to the postal account is empty. As the Bank notifies the cancellation to the Hotel in writing, the year-long theft to light: 495’192 francs Thorsten K. has taken in the Hotel National.

The Hotel owner to show him. K. escapes immediately from Zermatt. The contact to the staff, he breaks off. Today he lives again in Germany, a small stain in the black forest. He now live modestly, says the Ex-Director before the court. Therefore, he could not pay the half-a-Million also back, the amount should be written off.

“He can’t escape, and its debt is not settle”

Thus, the applicants do not agree at all. You reclaim the whole of the sums involved. Also, the current co-owner and Manager, Sebastian Metry says: “He can’t just do in Germany, ticket life, and his debts do not settle.”

Since then, the Couple has taken over the National in 2016, the Hotel is on a good way. “We are transparent with our Numbers very satisfied. With the profit of the last years a large can be part of the Renovation funded,” says Metry. In three years, the Four-star Hotel should be modernised finish.

The prosecution asked for K. meanwhile, a conditional sentence of imprisonment of 21 months and a fine of 800 Swiss francs. His lawyer pleaded for a conditional sentence of imprisonment of not more than one year. The jury is still out. Thorsten K. was for VIEW not accessible.

*the Name has been changed