the Team of Igor Shalimov calendar made crazy finish Grozny first take “Zenit”, and then will play away against capital “Spartak” and “Krasnodar”. In this present chopper “Akhmad”, powerfully conducting the restart of the championship (third place in scoring in this period, though the last home win won… back in August of last year), to save space in the Premier League, you need at least one victory.

surprisingly, in this list of “the weakest link” looked “white and blue”, which is already a week bright note early title. In addition, the mentor of the victors of the season Sergey Semak has not brought in the capital of Chechnya, the half of the main part. Among them were main scorers (in parallel and the participants of the scandal with the video from the locker room of the team after the match with “bulls”) Dzyuba and Azmoun, both as a Central defender Ivanovic and Rakitsky, key midfielder Barrios. Yes, and the Brazilian star Malcolm remained on the bench. But “Ahmad” – because of injuries – suffered serious personnel holes.

the match started with an incredible mistake of Keeper Lunev, who was awkwardly trying to clear the ball a few metres from the gate. The hosts forward Viseu picked him up, beat the goalkeeper and rolled into the penalty area Ivanov, drove the ball into the net – 1:0, 6th minute.

After that, “Ahmad” the initiative and the ball tried not to let go, made several more sweeping attacks. However, in the middle of the half the score… equal. Made a mistake here, the Central defender of Grozny, Niich. Horvath doesn’t reach the usual cast of Driussi from the left flank, and emerged from behind another zenitovsky the Argentine Rigoni struck from three meters empty corner – 1:1, 22nd minute.

soon, However, the author’s goal, received a warning in the beginning of the match for his dangerous actions against the goalkeeper ran into his second yellow card on 34 minutes left the field. Chief referee Mikhail Vilkov after about a moment’s thought decided that the foul Rigoni (note, again in the penalty area) on Glushakov was too rough.

In the second half, “Ahmad” expected tried to use numerical advantage, otherwise possession of the ball and organizing one attack after another. However, most of them ended not too dangerous shelters in the penalty area, which easily caught Lunev.

Then mentor the hosts fielded Berisha and ilina – their two important strikers, who missed the last match due to injuries. It is curious that “Zenit” immediately replied simmetrichnoi replacements – entered the game Malcolm and Shatov.

However, despite the efforts of opponents, none of them failed to score. It is not excluded, that the extracted points “Akhmat” just enough to stay in RPL. But for “Zenith” the most important thing in the end of the season STAno upcoming clash in the semifinals of the Cup of Russia against “Spartacus, which will be held in St. Petersburg on July 19.