The statement of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky on the "bombing all aircraft" caused confusion of Internet users.

Previously Zelensky during a visit to children’s hospital in Kiev, asked why a new building of medical facilities is not opened to the Day of protection of children.

"everybody loves the figures. To the Day of protection of children we have to open something big, to all the journalists came out and applauded, well done the President, Ministry: to this day, they did. And there you have it-somehow samate there, then finalized. For independence Day we should make a new plane and show everyone we are strong: aircraft flying, let’s all bomb!" sarcastically said the Ukrainian leader.

Words Zelensky, which some Ukrainian media have taken out of context, puzzling many users.

"it’s…" – written by Victoria Zubenko.

"Why says he, ashamed of me?" asked Kateryna Pacher.

"it is Necessary to put in order your health, Vladimir!" advised Alice Stanislavovna.

"Fantastic…. Just like Peter", – said Mikhail Petrenko.

"facial Expressions sheet", – stated the People Kirillov.