Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky wants to start a meeting with US President Joe Biden with a discussion of the Donbass and Crimea. He also plans to raise the issue of new sanctions against Russia because of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. Mr. Zelensky arrived in Washington the day before, on August 31.The President of Ukraine called the topic of” Nord Stream-2 “a”sore point”. Vladimir Zelensky told reporters that Kiev “will struggle with how it will work.” “In the case of a working Nord Stream-2, we would like to agree on specific things and guarantees from the United States,” Mr. Zelensky said. He added that he implies the introduction of new anti-Russian sanctions, the National Public Television and Radio Company of Ukraine reports.Vladimir Zelensky and Joe Biden should hold talks in a one-on-one format and in an expanded composition of delegations. There are no plans for a joint press conference following the meeting. Representatives of the United States and Ukraine in Washington have already agreed on a defense partnership, as well as on a secure communication line between the two countries.About the trip of the President of Ukraine – in the material “Kommersant “”Vladimir Zelensky got into Afghanistan itself”.