Zelensky was advised to request help from Russia

Kiev businessman urged the President Zelensky to ask for help to Russia that Ukraine is not poisoned by the smoke of the Chernobyl fires. The head of state asked the businessman Alexander Melamud, co-owner of the shopping center, said “Ukraine.ru”.

Melamud advised policy to forget about the ambitions and grievances, and to request the assistance of the Russian Federation, if a country alone can not cope with fighting fires in the Chernobyl zone.

According to the businessman, the air in Kiev are polluted so much that people find it hard to breathe. The situation became critical. Need aircraft fire, but in Ukraine it is almost not developed. Therefore, Melamud recommends Zelensky to ask for help from Russia, where there are specialists with great experience of fighting forest fires.

Melamud said. that people do not have to suffer from incompetent authorities.

In the Chernobyl exclusion zone for almost two weeks burned forests. The fire reached the Red forest from the nuclear plant. With the flame partially managed to cope due to precipitation. Zelensky said that control of the situation and urged people not to panic.

Earlier, the “Rambler” reported that the Russian foreign Ministry said that Russia is ready to help Ukraine in fighting the Chernobyl fire, but requests from Kiev was not.