Zelensky urged Ukrainians to forget about comfort and think about survival

the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has urged citizens to forget about the comfort during a pandemic coronavirus and think about survival. To the inhabitants of the country, he appealed on Friday, April 17, the TV channel “Ukraine”. A video posted on YouTube.

Zelensky emphasized that the country has bread, butter, milk and cereals. “Go through the coronavirus, a month and a half will pass and taxied. To be honest, I’m sure,” said the Ukrainian leader. He also noted, on 24 April, the country plans to mitigate quarantine measures.

According to Zelensky, the Ukrainians have to get back to work. The head of Ukraine said that the lifting of restrictions is only possible if the situation does not deteriorate.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine has set a new record on the incidence of coronavirus. Per day identified 501 cases of infection. The total number of infected, according to Friday, April 17, was 4662.